Frequently asked questions


1.    Do you issue international flight tickets?

Yes, we do.  However as a destination management company (DMC), our core business is focused on land operations and travel logistics. We therefore work with reliable IATA partners who issue international or domestic flight tickets – typically with airline companies like Swiss, Air China, Air France, and Lufthansa.

We do, also, provide direct booking services for Private Jet charters. We are dedicated to find the best solution at the best available price for your private transfers.

2.    What is the reservation procedure?

When we receive your enquiry we will respond within 24 hours. In order to plan the ideal journey for you, we will ask you a series of specific questions to ascertain your preferences for accommodations, restaurants, transportations and activities. Next, according to your needs and desires, we will come back to you with a tailor-made package and quotes. We will adjust and adapt the itinerary until you are fully satisfied with a perfect plan.

3.    What are the payment methods?

We accept international bank transfers in Swiss Francs, Euros, and US Dollars. For bank informations please contact us at: 

4.    What are the methods of transportation within Europe?

By limousine: For domestic transportation, we offer private limousine with chauffeur. Sometimes, limousine is also provided for short-distance international transfers from Switzerland to France or Italy. 

By train: The European railway network is extremely well developed and often it is the most convenience and comfortable way to travel between European cities. All our transfers in train are in First Class Cabins.

By plane: Switzerland is centrally positioned in Europe; major European cities are only 2 hours of flight away from Geneva or Zurich.

We will help you find the best solution according to your chosen destinations, travel season, group size and needs.

5.    Are meals included in the packages? 

Yes, restaurants are always included in our packages unless specified. We have selected the best addresses in town: authentic and gourmet restaurants approved by connoisseurs.  In order to ensure quality, every restaurant on our list is regularly reassessed.

Let us know your preference and we will provide a selection of restaurants prior to your arrival. We will design the perfect meal plan according to your desires: vegetarians, Michelin-star gastronomies, gourmet European restaurants, Chinese, Japanese, or any specific cuisine. 

For special diets, we will select the most suitable upon reservation.

6.    How do you choose the hotels?

We adhere to the strictest of standards and choose to work with the best addresses in every city. Our criteria for the selection of our partner hotels are to the strictest of standards; each of our hotel and resort is of the best quality in terms of guests rooms, hotel facilities and location, not to forget an impeccable service excellence, state-of-the-art wellness equipments and gourmet restaurants. Whether your preferred style of accommodation is traditional palaces, boutique, or design hotels, you can be sure when traveling with us, that you will be staying in the best addresses in town.

Our hotel selection in Switzerland: 5* Superior Hotels or Palaces
Our hotel selection in Europe: Iconic Palace Hotels, 5* Superior

7.    What kind of cosmetic & healthcare treatments do you provide?

We provide for our guests, a complete range of cosmetic & healthcare treatments in our carefully selected Swiss private clinics. From beauty treatments to cosmetic procedures and surgeries, healthcare programs, and body check-ups, Switzerland offers the most advanced technologies, reliable infrastructures and competent doctors in the world. A personalised treatment program will be made according to your specific physical conditions and desires. 

For more information please contact us at: 

8.    Traveling with children

We will propose children-friendly activities for your trip when traveling with children. Our hotel selections will also be adapted based on facilities, convenience and location. Families traveling with children will receive carefully selected activity recommendations that are children-friendly and full of surprises!

We also provide baby-sitting services while you enjoy an excursion or a piece of theatre  in the city.  Wether you need a baby-sitter who speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese or Chinese, we will find the best solution for you.

9. Can you organise visits to some Swiss private school for my children?

Yes, we can. And we take it very seriously when it comes to your children’s education. Our student counseling and management services provide all the assistance you might need for the selection, visits and enrolment to the schools. Send us an enquiry specifying that you would like to travel to Switzerland for a summer camp or for visiting some private schools, we will response in time to provide all the necessary information. 

10. What are the visa requirement for Switzerland and Schengen?

Americans and Canadian nationals as well as all European community Nationals (Shengen area), do not need a visa to visit Switzerland. Visitors from other nationalities should check with their local Embassies for latest regulations.

11. What is the geographic situation of Switzerland?

Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is strategically situated in the heart of Europe; it is the bridge between northern and southern Europe. Switzerland is a federal republic consisting of 26 cantons with Bern as the capital. Bordering Germany to its north, Austria and Liechtenstein to its east, Italy to its south and France to its west, Switzerland is a small country with a superficial of merely 41’280 km2 divided into three regions: the Alps, the Plateau, and the Jura.

Because of its geographic location and history, Switzerland has three official languages: German, French and Italian.

12. What is the difference in Time zone?

During winter, Switzerland is one hour ahead of GMT; during the summer (April – September), the clocks move one hour forward.

13. What is the best season to travel to Switzerland and Europe?

Switzerland: From May to September in the summer, and from December to February for the winter season. 
Western Europe: Similar to Switzerland’s climate
Eastern Europe: From May to September
Northern Europe: From June to August