Italian passion, Swiss heart

Italian weather, Italian style and style-conscious Italian speakers – but this is not Rome or Florence; it’s the part of Switzerland that Heidi forgot to mention.

Ticino is the southernmost canton of Switzerland, surrounded almost entirely by Italy to its east, south and west.

Ticino is the only canton, along with the southern section of Graubünden, where Italian is the official language.

From glaciers to palm trees

Ticino’s varied landscape is remarkable. In the north, Bellizona is a quiet but striking medieval city where the Castles of Bellinzona have been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2000. You will find rising mountains and deep valleys sculpted by rivers and glaciers whose waters run into Lake Maggiore in the south. There are endless hiking options. Shimmering lakeside cities including Lugano and Locarno are the highlights of the Southern canton. The palm trees and mansions, peaceful lakes and pleasant climate attract many to settle down here for the summer.