Lucerne is one of the oldest and most admired cities in Switzerland. Nestled on sublime Lake Lucerne at the foot of the impressive Alps, its beauty is absolutely unbeatable.

Idyllic lake and breath-taking mountains

This is definitely one of the most spectacular sites to visit in Switzerland. Situated in the center of the country, mythical Lake Lucerne is also called the Lake of Four Forested Cantons, for it joins the four original cantons which were the foundation of the Confederation of Switzerland in 1291. The lake has a very special shape with bends and arms stretching from the city of Lucerne into four different valleys related to majestic mountains, including Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus.

Paradise for classical music lovers

The city offers a year-round program of music and cultural festivals that attract the world’s leading performers, famous orchestras and conductors. The renowned Lucerne Festival takes place every year during Easter, and then from August to September, and a piano festival in November.

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There is so much to see in the city

You will find famous monuments in Lucerne’s cityscape, such as the world’s oldest wooden bridge – Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) and the Water Tower across the Reusse River. Built in the 14th century, the bridge’s interior paintings tells a fascinating history of Switzerland; the Lion Monument in the Medieval town – a memorial for the mercenary soldiers from the French Revolution in 1792; the 500-year-old Musegg Wall which once served the city as a fortification with 30 towers, and the beautiful baroque Jesuit Church.